Social Responsibilities

Our Cups

Our cups used for serving drinks and other beverages are the source of a delicious and hot coffee, it is manufactured to the highest standards of international health and safety as the perfect cups. They are eco-friendly cups made from wood pulp, and the thermal covers used are made from recycled materials and it is recyclable again in all our outlets.

Coffee Preparing Machines

All machines and equipment used in the Passion Café have been carefully selected according to the best international standards and specifications in terms of volume and production capacity, and are regularly maintained and cleaned to maintain their capacity, production capacity and disposal of mineral deposits or undesirable taste, caring on health and safety of our valued customers.

Waste and Recycle Management

Passion Café is working to minimize the environmental impact to meet the expectations of our customers by reducing the waste of our work and recycle the cups that can be used several times by following the instructions of design the packing materials, and the design Recyclable cups can be used more than once, and supporting local infrastructure for recycling and expanding the practices of the application of recycling the material used by our customers, including the tools used by the staff behind the coffee-making platforms.

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