Professional Experience

No doubt that the quality of Passion Café that you enjoy with us today is due to our ancient culture when preparing it, in addition to many years of experience in roasting coffee according to the international standards of this growing industry. We care about choosing the finest coffee from various farms around the world. We choose the finest coffee to make our mixes at Passion Café to enjoy every day, there are about 66 types of coffee, but the categories we deal with are only two, The Arabian coffee which is one-third of the global coffee production.

The Arabian coffee tree is sensitive and requires more attention than the Robusta coffee tree, which is specialized by its oval-shaped grain, and canephor coffee, commonly known as the Robusta, which is cultivated in Africa, Asia, Indonesia and Brazil, which is almost counts for one-third of global coffee production. Every year, Passion Café is keen to select the finest coffee from different farms around the world to make our own specialty mixes. It is dedicated to the Mocha coffee machine, which is made of the morning coffee, including the perfect espresso in the coffee shop after lunch, and not to forget the delicious Cappuccino blend to enjoy it during the work breaks. For each delicate balance mix, we combine several types of coffee, which are different from each other in terms of both either Arabian or Robusta coffee, and the treatment method whatever washed or natural, using all the benefits and advantages of these different ingredients to be matched and combined to produce a Perfect balanced coffee with unique flavor and intensity and as coffee is a relatively sensitive product, it can be affected by light, air, heat and humidity but we as a Passion Café, constantly working on new solutions to ensure the quality of our products with our research and innovation expertise in accordance to friendship of the environment around us.

Not only that, but we are observing closely the ongoing technological research in this growing industry, which has seen recent decades shifted from traditional roasting systems to innovative processes based on thermal convection in the roasting process, where a current of hot air passes over coffee beans, in addition to Provide varying grades of grinding in its three grades; Soft, medium and rough. These grades change the resistance of flow of water around the coffee, which affecting on the speed of extraction, and therefore on the sensible characteristics of the final drink in this cup of coffee that specifically prepared for you from Passion Café.

To invent a perfect mix of ingredients in Passion Café is one of the professional tasks of coffee tasters who have excellent taste and smell senses provided by years of experience and they are working with us. They take advantage of these delicate senses to pick and mix different types of coffee and seek for a flavor which make you enjoy its test.

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