International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day is an occasion to celebrate a coffee drink around the world. The first official date for this day is October 1, 2015, as approved by the International Coffee Organization, and was launched in Milan, Italy. And this day used to promote fair trade in coffee and to raise awareness about the problems of coffee farmers. Annually in this day, many coffee companies offer free and cheap coffee cups in their branches around the world.

The world is celebrating the International Day of Coffee Drink, the most popular beverage among countries, and the talk about coffee stories is long and become various, but there is no dispute that the openness between countries and multiculturalism contributed not only to the multiplicity of flavors, but the taste of coffee and smells ambassadors of the countries producing them , Which brought the taste signature of the heritage and culture of each country, making each country has its coffee holding cultural heritage.

Italy is the home of magic and secrets, starts from Roma’s catacombs to the masquerade festivals. If you are a fan who loves going deeply into the culture of this country, you first need to understand coffee rules. When they talk about Italian coffee, they see it as “coffee police” around the world.

Italians drink coffee in a special way. There are constant rituals that cannot be changed. One of the most important is to drink a cappuccino or Makito or any kind of coffee with milk in the morning only and not allowed to have any food after. There is no doubt that you may be confused, so you have to realize that the international cafes are in two ways, the first of which is Italian style, and the second is the American style. Mr. Howard Schultz Starbucks CEO, explain once that during his trip to Milan, he was inspired to create this internationally famous brand. Although Italy has never been a coffee inventor, but certainly it was for the coffee culture, now it is full of amateurs who refuse to tolerate with any plIce that offers bad coffee! Where did this culture come from? It began in the 17th century, when the first coffee shop moved from the Middle East moved to Venice. Whereas the coastal city witnessed the opening of the first European coffee shop in Italy, and it was fun at first as a pure medical drink, but its cost makes most of the Venetian stop drink it.

However, its popularity has increased and its prices have fallen and cafes have opened in major cities through Italy, where a number of them still offer coffee to this day.

The Cafe "Turino" is one of the oldest coffee shops to this day. Among these cafes is the Bisreen Café, which was founded in 1963 and was frequented by instance of Puccini and Dumas. Today, people stand outside this small cafe with eight tables covered with marble in a long queue for coffee and desserts and enjoy them. Finally, by talking about the culture of Italian coffee, we cannot ignore the beautiful Napoleonic tradition that unfortunately disappeared today, the "souspiso", which translates to " hanging coffee ", where this tradition force the customer to pay the price of two cups of coffee, and does not drink both of them but only one, and the other cup is left to a stranger who enjoys it for free!

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