About Us

It is rarely to meet a person doesn’t drink morning coffee or enjoying the smell of toasted coffee seed, the coffee drink has been quickly turned into one of the most popular drinks all over the world, and sooner become the second most traded product all over the world after crude oil.And when concerning the daily caffeine pleasure, we got many varied choices regardless choices either free caffeine or natural coffee, every passionately in love with coffee finds himself facing the dilemma of choosing the type he needs.

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The Coffee World

The history of coffee is legendry. The history of coffee has included some details over time, and the subsequent discovery of its effect on the human body was by chance, since coffee does not have the same therapeutic properties as in tea. And according to historical information, it is reported that the Oromo clan in Ethiopia was the first to discover the effects of the coffee plant but certainly, the Arabs were the first to grow and trade.

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Our Qualified Staff

At Passion Café, we have a group of highly qualified staff who are very carefully selected,have a high sense of decency and politeness, special smiling and dedicated to serve you quickly.We keen to train them, raise their skills & abilities, through continuous motivation & involvement in specialized training programs to work in a professional environment based on responsibility within the framework of vision, mission & professional work.

Social Responibilities

We are confident that our products and services for our valued customers will enrich their life towards happiness, optimism and comfort. And from interested in providing the cups that are used in accordance with the best standards of international health and safety, as well as the machines and preparation equipment and their selection, maintenance and cleaning and completion of waste reducing and recycling, All of this on our responsibility towards the community in which we share and work in it.

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Drinks & Food Menu

You can enjoy the most delicious food and drinks of your choice from our list of “Passion Café”. You can also enjoy the family ambiance with our unique experience of flavors of coffee, cacao, fresh milk, delicious juices & some food from light tasting to cuisine rich in luxurious ingredients, reflecting a new concept of our outlets, including drinks and food that are focused on unique food ingredients in terms of taste & quality.

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Our Branches

Passion Café is currently operating at Maxim Mall, Twin Plaza Mall and Mall Of Arabia, with a view to opening 6 new branches in Egypt along with other countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Spain.We have operated to equip such branches with all modern equipment and skilled labor to be at your own service and to give you a distinct and exciting family ambiance to spend the best of times to meet with friends, family and businessmen.

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Our Services

Passion Café offers you the best!We do not only provide high-taste coffee, delicious beverage and good food, but also provide you with the distinctive services you need.We have equipped our branches with a free Wi-Fi connection.