Making Coffee Over Time

The history of coffee is legendry. The history of coffee has included some details over time, and the subsequent discovery of its effect on the human body was by chance, since coffee does not have the same therapeutic properties as in tea. And according to historical information, it is reported that the Oromo clan in Ethiopia was the first to discover the effects of the coffee plant but certainly, the Arabs were the first to grow and trade.

During the fifteenth century, evidence was found of its spreading in Sufi monasteries in Yemen, and in the sixteenth century in Egypt, Persia, Turkey and Syria.

In the Arab world, coffee lovers increased and coffee beans farmers in Italy, then the rest of Europe countries and Indonesia and the continent of Americas at which Brazil becomes the world's largest coffee exporter.To this day, Ethiopia's highest are the origin of coffee where it exports coffee beans through the Red Sea to the Arabian island, where coffee was first planted in the middle of 15th century in Yemen. The coffee spread rapidly through pilgrimage areas in Mecca and Medina and throughout the Arabian island, and the port of Mocha, which was till 1720 was the world's center for coffee trade, therefore The mocha is one of the most expensive beverages afford only to the rich people, where it was eaten in caf├ęs throughout Europe till the 18th century.

With the expansion of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century, coffee spread to Asia, Syria, Egypt and South-Eastern Europe and the whole Muslim world was occupied by the dark drink, which is called "coffee" in Arabic, where Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol, which was coffee instead.

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